Jessica, Charleston, Kanawha County

I have spent so much time, money effort and resources to try and combat the “No Water” advisory! We can not shower, cook, wash our hands, brush our teeth, go to work, water our animals, ect.! I have had the youngest member of out Turtle family meet its early demise, I am convinced it was the water pollution! I have 4 baby turtles only one was exposed to a large amout if the contaminated water for days/hours! I have never lost a pet turtle until now and I have over 20. I know I did not cause this and the State will be performing an autopsy to confirm my thoughts on how my baby turtle was “killed” “polluted” “Murdered”!!!!!! Freedom Industries needs to step up and take responsibility for their negligence! My family and I along with hundereds of thousands of others affected by the WVWaterCrisis! The owner of the company that caused this was on the news FINALLY. After 31 hours of not being able to find anybody to represent Freedom Industries! This is vicious malice. A terrible crime has been committed! Help WV and its people through this crisis that has no end in sight! We deserve answers! Why weren’t there spill containers underneath the tank the chemical spilled out of?! We along with many others will probably be forced to leave the area until the water is safe again!