Jonathan Simpkins, Coal Miner, Kanawha County

Ever go to brush your teeth or just wash some fruit and realize you can’t? Ever use body spray and lotion to clean up with after work?

I don’t drink tap water myself. But I have a cat and dog to provide for. I change their water daily. This is an inconvenience now. But what if this goes on for months?

I’m extremely fortunate that my grandparents live 20 miles away in Scott Depot, WV. Their water hasn’t been contaminated. So I can go there to shower and get water if needed. But what about the elderly who don’t have someone looking out for them? If this goes on for awhile it will most definitely be a crisis.

I work in a coal mine. Please don’t blame this incident on the coal industry. It was a company who makes chemicals who messed up big time. Was the Gulf of Mexico oil spill the car industries fault?

No more eating out for awhile. Restaurants are closed. Bars are closed. Schools are closed. This is going to have a huge impact on local businesses. If my favorite restaurant Leonoros goes out of business because of this there will be hell to pay.


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