Sarah, Malden, Kanawha County

I live in the Malden area of Kanawha county, right outside of Charleston. What myself and my fellow West Virginians are experiencing right now is no joke. Being told that we can’t use our water for anything but flushing the toilets and putting out a fire is kind of scary.  Knowing that there is a plant with such hazardous materials just miles from our water treatment center is scary too. It’s is complete chaos here right now, everyone is scrambling to buy up as much water, disposable eating supplies, baby wipes, and hand sanitizer as they can, because we’ve been told that there is no time line as to when our lives will return to normal… It’s crazy!! The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that I can’t shower. I have to go to work every day this coming week, I work to support myself, and not going is not an option for me, and driving 40 plus mile a day to take a shower and do laundry in clean water isn’t very feasible, that’s more money in gas that we have to spend, it totally defeats me going to work. It’s a vicious cycle, I wish there was someway they could set up portable showers and laundry facilities or something, that would be so helpful to so many different people.  I love my state though, everyone has been extremely helpful with giving out water and bringing in clean water for people to fill their own containers with. In times of trouble we all pull together and help each other out and that’s one of my most favorite things about West Virginia… On the bright side of things, because I always try to find the bright side, I honestly feel blessed  because in all my 25 years of life this is the first time I have ever had to deal with something like this, in other countries unclean water is something people have to live with every single day. This really makes me realize how good we have it. Our water crisis here in WV will eventually end, life will go back to normal, and we will begin to take everything for granted like we did before we weren’t able to live life normally. Those other people in the other countries will still be dealing with their unclean water… This is just a small taste of the struggles they go through on a daily basis from the time they are born, till the time they die, so be thankful for that!


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