Susan, Belle, Kanawha County

So far I am staying in a “worried” phase. Mainly because of the lack of hand washing. I had a horrible infection that anyone could get and it was passed to me right after I had surgery through poor hand washing. You HAVE TO USE soap and water after using the bathroom. Even if you use the antibacterial gel this type of infection is not immune to that. I worry about an epidemic due to lack of water. If you have not had a bad illness (which I hope you have not) you can not understand this. And when I see people going to places that they don’t really need to go just so they can “get out” really makes me cringe. I may lose job over being diligent and saying no I was not using the hand gel after using the bathroom but I am going to do whatever I can to stay healthy through this. God hasn’t brought me this far for failure.


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