We Won’t Use the Water Even After Flushing, Stephen Stonestreet, Cross Lanes

Just late yesterday, my mom told me the smell just started to come really strongly into their home in Cross Lanes area… This was right once they began flushing in Charleston, but she didn’t smell it before. I think it makes since, since they’re flushing out the chemical, to go down/throughout the system faster and be stronger as a result of pushing it out, but this also causes concern, it being so strong.

My opinion is this, and what my family will be doing as a plan, even after our area is cleared…

1. Only wash dishes, clothes, and brush our teeth with the water, but only two days after our area is “cleared”…
2. Still continue to not bathe or find another location in another area with a different water source for 1-2 weeks after “cleared”…
3. Only drink bottled water for 2 or more weeks after the water is “cleared”.

That’s our plan. It’s always better be safe than sorry, as they say.



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