Water Delivery this Weekend

Coal Keeps the Water Off

I have received $222.13 in online donations for supplies for folks affected by the WV Water Crisis. You can see the balance in the screenshot of my PayPal account below; I would post the statement of donations received, but I don’t want to violate donor confidentiality. Once I get to West Virginia this weekend, I will buy water and other supplies for those affected by the Water Crisis who are still in need. Then I’ll post pictures here of the supplies I bought, as well as the receipts, so you can see the money is being well-spent.

PayPal donations

Again, thank you to the very generous donors. If you would like to make a donation (unfortunately, it won’t be tax deductible because I’m not a non-profit), you can do so through this PayPal link.

If you are in Putnam or Kanawha counties and are still in need of clean water or other supplies, please email me at wvwatercrisis@gmail.com, so I can give them to you this weekend while I’m in town filming.


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