Amber Anderson, Mother, Charleston, Kanawha County

My family is one of the 300,000 people without water. I have a toddler and had already bathed, cooked, washed his clothes, and served him water to drink. To my understanding, they had already known about the chemical leak a day before. The air had smelled funny for two days and the water also. I am upset that I brushed my child’s teeth and let him have contact and ingest such a dangerous substance.

My grandmother is 70 years old and her whole house smells of licorice! My mother and her brother are taking care of her but are expericing headaches and sore throats! My family and I have dry skin as we speak and it’s not due to the weather. We want answers! The president of the company was rude and has provided the public with nothing! I am concerned for my child’s safety at best!


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