Chris Bock, Winfield, Putnam County

I just wanted to say that I was very happy to see are community come together in this time of need because we need more people to help one another and not get out of control. This too will pass.
As for the people responsible for this, they need to pay for their actions — leaving the community in the dark like that by waiting forever to report this leak. You know this company tried to hide this. How can the community smell this odor but the people working there didn’t? Then they send their own investigators out there around 10:30 to 11:00 am for them to find the leak just for the company not to report it till 12:00 pm. Someone is hiding something and the truth will come out in the end. And I do hold the water company somewhat responsible too. Knowing damn well what’s was up river from them and had no sense to not be communicating with these people on a regular basis. I would think if it were me and I was responsible for hundreds of thousand of people’s safety I would have done a better job working on ways to prevent such a thing.


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